Jesus Series Intro

JESUS, a Sermon Series
October - January, 2014

At Element we are all about one thing, we beat one drum, it may get old, but it is the only hope the world has ever had…His name is Jesus. Jesus is King of kings, Lord of lords, hope of the world, light to mankind, savior of rich and poor, men and women, and everyone and everything else.

Every message at Element is about Jesus, but this fall…all the way through Christmas, we will be taking an even more in depth look at the amazing-ness of who He is. Jesus has inspired people for ages, He continues to inspire, and this series is part of that inspiration.


Jesus' Attribute:

10/20 He Changed The World
10/27 He Showed Servant Leadership
11/3 Jesus Wasn't Safe
11/10 He was Funny
11/17 He Gave Dignity
11/24 He Lived In Community
12/1 He Taught Compassion
12/8 He Was Humble
12/15 He is our Savior King
12/22 He is our Redeemer
12/29 He is the Healer
1/5 He Noticed Needs
1/12 He is our Wonderful Counselor
1/19 He is Inspiring