Element Church Blog

Re-Planting Roots

In case you have missed it over the last few years, Element is on a mission to glorify Jesus, and you are invited to participate in that mission. Part of that has included, over the past few years, trying to find a permanent home where we can gather. Our current lease expires at the end of 2017 and if you have noticed, we still haven’t started moving dirt in the field we bought. I’d like to explain the reasons behind that.
After getting all the bids back, it turns out our building (as currently designed) is too expensive for us to build. Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice, but we would probably have to take out a hefty mortgage to make it work. We then have to ask, “would a mortgage that became an extreme burden be glorifying to God even if it ended up with us having an amazing building?” Probably not. There are new state regulations that apply to our current design that make it cost prohibitive. This leaves us with a few options:
One. Someone gives us 5 million dollars to build a building. I am not entirely sure of the stewardship of that, but hey, we’d take it. (Have you seen our Giving page?)
Two. We try to find more time to go back and redesign our project. Bringing the building size down into more manageable chunks would work wonders to our cost; unfortunately, that will take another couple of years to do.
Three. We have found another property in Orcutt that sits on 5.2 acres and is currently for sale. The property currently has a smaller church on it, but we believe we could make it work for what we need. We could sell our current parcel and move into this property nearly debt-free (in the end saving us close to $17,000 a month in our current rent and mortgage of the land).
Four: A mortgage on the property listed in Option Three would end up being about $4,000 a month less than our current rent. We could feasibly live on this property while redesigning our current building and eventually move back to the current site we are in now.
It’s good to have options, but we also need Planting Roots to continue in order to make any of these options a reality. Planting Roots has never been about a building. It is about Element finding a permanent home in the Santa Maria Valley in order to lift up Jesus in all things.
At this point we are officially in escrow on that property in Orcutt. It will take a lot of effort and energy to get it into shape to move into by the end of the year, but with your prayers and support, we will continue on to our Plan Z (whatever that is) and seek comfort in the fact that is always God’s Plan A.