Who We Are


Aaron & Marianne Carlberg

Aaron is Element's Lead Teaching Pastor/Elder. He does the majority of the teaching and sets the vision and focus for Element (under the direction of Jesus our Head Shepherd).

Favorite Movies: Anything in space or on earth with bad guys dying, good guys winning, women being rescued, men taking responsibility, and something exploding. (This means I hate the college frat guy movies where men are encouraged to be little boys and never grow up)...but I also love Lilo and Stitch (because he wants a family).
Favorite TV Shows: 24, BSG, Dr. Who, Hannibal, Silicon Valley, The Flash, Suits, Bleach (in Japanese), really anything scifi...
Favorite Books: Anything by John Piper, Douglas Wilson, Wayne Grudem, Brandon Sanderson, or Tim Keller. He also likes John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, CS Lewis, John Ortberg, theology books, and anything that makes him think.
Favorite Music: Thrice, Future of Forestry, DCB, Breaking Benjamin, Sick Puppies...Rock (but not Butt Rock).
Favorite Dessert: Cookies and Chocolate (Marianne likes Potato Chips more than cookies).

Eric & Terri Djafroodi

Eric is Element's Elder that oversees discipleship. Eric keeps everyone on task when they run too far a-field with crazy ideas. He usually says, "what about discipleship" and everyone else says "oh ya."

Favorite Movies: The Bourne Supremacy, An American President
Favorite TV Shows: American Idol, Glee, Big Bang Theory
Favorite Books: The Divine Conspiracy, If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat
Favorite Music: Acoustic Guitar &  Blue-eyed soul
Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake with any kind of berries
Favorite word or phrase: For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.



Mike & Deb Harman

Mike is our Elder of Redemption Ministries, he likes to call himself, “the older elder,” because he is older than the rest of us; we think that just makes him wiser than the rest of us. Mike has a wonderful wife named Deb, two kids (Jennifer & David), and four grand kids (Drake, Noah, Brooklyn, and Grace Elizabeth). He wishes that he would have had the patience with Jennifer and David as he does with the grandkids (especially when they walk on the coffee table). They love spending time with the kids and enjoy figuring out what they are up to. Mike surrendered to Jesus over forty years ago and is still daily amazed at Jesus’ redemptive power. He continues to be arrested by God’s love, mercy and grace that was, and is, expressed in Jesus through his adoption as a son. Mike’s goal is to grow up before he gets too much older and to live in an ever deepening trust in Jesus. Mike and Deb would love to tell you about the privilege they have in leading the Redemption Group team and ministry at Element, Redemption Group Ministry is the most gratifying ministry they have ever served in.

Favorite Things To Do: Mike likes long walks on the beach (snicker). He loves large bodies of water like lakes and rivers (but not the bathtub because it is too small to be a large body of water). He also likes almost all things that have to do with high performance Horse Power (the smell of Nitro in the morning is amazing)! He considers himself a patriot and believes this land (USA) is amazingly beautiful. There is never enough time to read, but most of all he loves to hang out with Deb.
Favorite Movies: The Green Beret (The Duke, John Wayne), Hunt for Red October, and Shooter. He will watch any Action, Drama, Comedy, or Romance as long as they meet his exacting standards of at least 5 explosions.
Favorite Car: 1967 Corvette, roadster (that means convertible), 4 Speed Manual, 427CI/425HP
Favorite Books: Anything by Tim Keller or Paul David Tripp. Bo's Cafe, The Cure, Redemption, On My Worst Day, Divine Romance, He likes “understandable” Theology books (not the ones Aaron gives him), and biblical commentaries.
Favorite Music: Sixties Rock-n-Roll like The Beetles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Buffalo Springfield (yes, now you know he's old!)...but he will also go in for some Crowder when the mood strikes him. On his iPod now "Redemption" by Big Daddy Weave, and a personal selection for his memorial service - Blessed Be Your Name (Newsboys version). He loves music and worship music but will rarely be seen with and ear bud in his ear or with music on in the car, hearing God is hard enough for me, quiet is good.
Favorite Truth: For by grace have you been saved through faith. And this not of your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8
Favorite Verse: For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). When the Holy Spirit caused this to dawn in my heart it launched a season of rescue and restoration (redemption), one that brought life changing healing in our marriage.  

Christie & Erik Marangi

Christie is our Minister to Families. She oversees the eKids!, Middle School and High School ministries. She has a talented team under her that seeks to grow all of our kids into an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus. Erik is just plain cool...

Favorite Movies: Favorite of all time is Dangerous Liaisons, but also anything with Jennifer Lawrence, John Malkovich, and Bradley Cooper (yes, she is a wanna-be hipster).
Favorite TV Shows: She is a Real Housewives junkie, she even threw a RH party once for a friend (but don’t tell Aaron because he would make fun of her after he was done freaking out). 
Favorite Books: Leadership, historical fiction, nutrition (She is a complete nerd!)
Favorite Music: I'm okay with just about anything (but not a huge fan of country).  I like a powerful voice, and meaningful lyrics
Favorite Dessert:  Good handmade cream puff
Favorite word or phrase: She only gave us LEAST favorite: “lean in” and “lets unpack this.  Also the word “moist”  yuck.


Michael Reed

Michael Reed is Element's onsite go to person for everything, literally everything. Have a website question, Michael. Have a Gospel Community question, Michael. Have a budget question, Michael. Have a question about something you think you might have left at Element "sometime last year," Michael. Not that he can answer all the questions, we simply see him as one of the most capable people we have on staff. If you do have a question about a ministry, activities, or something about staff, he is the person who would know…plus he loves Jesus, which is something he doesn't mind telling you about.

Favorite Movies: The King's Speech, Mad Max, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy,  Star Trek - anything done by JJ Abrams.
Favorite TV Shows: Gotham, The Goldbergs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Flash, The Middle, Suits, West Wing, Conan, Fresh off the Boat, Minority Report.
Favorite Books: "Black", "Red", "White" (Trilogy), "This is for you" series, "New Morning Mercies", Disciple by Bill Clem 
Favorite Music: Rock with a little Adele, let's be honest. Dustin Kensrue, Citizens!, Imagine Dragons 
Favorite word or phrase: "Did you burn it? Burn it?"

Jon & Michelle Gee

Jon and Michelle Gee (pronounced "G" like "G-wiz" and not "Gee" as in "geezer") are Element's resident hipsters (I say this because they wear cool clothes and like bands I have never heard of). Jon and Michelle have a passion for Jesus and His truth, while also trying to understand what makes people tick on a psychological level. We affectionately call them "team Gee" which is fun, but they also now call themselves "team Gee" which is weird. Team Gee are currently Gospel Community leaders, while Jon oversees our deacons and member care, Michelle oversees our music.

Favorite Movies: Almost Famous, Lars and the Real Girl, The Darjeeling Limited, Life is Beautiful, the Before Sunrise trilogy
Favorite TV Shows: Arrested Development, Portlandia, Hannibal
Favorite Books: That's too hard...I'll have to go with my favorite authors instead :) Patrick Phillips, Rainer Maria Rilke, R.S. Thomas, Paul Tripp, David Sedaris, Anne Lamott, Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathan Edwards, J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite Music: Jeff Buckley, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, TV on the Radio, Spiritualized, Young Oceans, The Verve, Cat Power, Neil Young...Zeppelin, duh.
Favorite Dessert: mud pie
Favorite word or phrase: "...this one goes to 11."
Favorite Hobby: Making music with friends
Most Likely to do on the weekend: sing songs to Jesus with you guys, explore the Central Coast, go winetasting


Sarah & Brandon McCool

Sarah is so cool she is McCool. Sarah is the one that communicates to anyone who fills out a connect card or needs information from the welcome center at Element. She is funny in a creative way that allows our announcements and communications to make sense while being fun at the same time.  Sarah and Brandon are deacons and Gospel Community Leaders.

Movie I Watch the Most: Big Hero 6
Favorite TV Shows: Anything reality that normal people should be embarrassed to admit to.  Basically anything on Bravo
Last Book Read: Llama Llama Red Pajama
Favorite Music: Pop - Britney Spears specifically
Favorite Dessert: Yogurt Creations - layer of cake batter, cookie dough, another layer of cake batter, hot fudge, another layer of cake batter, snow caps
Favorite word or phrase: "Really?!"

Jenna & Phillip Heuchert

Jenna is our children’s coordinator and Phil is her husband; he runs sound on Sunday mornings because he needs something to do while his wife is working. Jenna is loud, curious, and loves to know what is going on with everyone…seriously, you could probably send her an email right now telling her your life story and she would think it was Christmas.

Favorite Movies: Anne of Green Gables, any of those family feel good movies.
Favorite TV Shows: Call the Midwife, The Office, Boy Meets World, The Walking Dead
Favorite Books: Historical books are always a winner! Francine Rivers books, The Hungry Caterpillar (you know, the classics).
Favorite Music: Most anything. Except that rap those kids play these days. Oh and country!!
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt
Favorite word or phrase: “Fantastic”  


Cory & Jaydeen Morris

Cory Morris

Cory is our High School Youth Coordinator and the guy most likely to be hit by a student with a Scatterball. Cory spends his time with Element Youth building relationships with students and teaching them who Jesus is, how they can grow their relationships with Him, and how that extends to our neighbors.

Favorite Music: I like it with a groove, Most genres, blues, rock, and Yes even country… Especially country there I said it. 
Favorite Food: I really like food so its tuff to choose a favorite. I would say it is a “Thai” between Indian and well Thai… Also, French fries mmm…. Did I mention my wife’s cooking? 
Favorite books: Reading makes me sleepy. I like podcast. My favorites include Stuff you should know, Stuff they don’t want you to know, and Lore. 
Favorite pass time: aside from napping I enjoy snowboarding and gaming. 
Favorite shows: Planet earth, The office, Daredevil, Stranger Things, White Collar, also crime documentaries. 
Favorite Dessert: seriously though I really like food, I would eat more Thai before dessert. Jaydeen’s favorite is ice cream.  


John & Karin Warren

John is one of our deacons and the chairman of our general board. He can fix just about anything because he has mad engineering skills - but unfortunately he can't fix your stuff as he is always busy fixing Element's stuff.

Favorite Hobby: Wakeboarding and Snowboarding
Favorite Fast Food: Del Taco
Favorite Snack: Tim's Jalapeno Chips
Favorite Car: Pickup Truck
Most Likely to do on the weekend: Walking Rukia (dog) in the field behind my house
Favorite Season: Warmth


Haiti Carlberg

Our Church Dog.

Favorite Movies: The one with that guy and the lazer pointer....
Favorite TV Shows: Pinky and The Brain, House (he throws the ball, a lot), BONES.
Favorite Books: Any hardcover, they give more chewing time.
Favorite Food: Rocks, frisbees, grass, wood, trees in the back yard.
Favorite Dessert: Whatever is on the ground.
Favorite word or phrase: "Get the kitty."