This year at Element we are doing something we have never attempted in our few years of existence; we are celebrating a season of the church calendar called Advent. Advent is a time of sober reflection that should (and will, in our case) lead to a time of loud joy. 

Join us for our Advent Season as we journey together as a people. 

We've created a Journey Guide which we will pass out that has everything you and your family will need! It has the Agape discussion, personal daily devional readings, family devotionals, prayer guide, community discussions, and some fun things too!

It starts with our Agape Thanksgiving Meal on November 22n and goes through Christmas.

We are hoping and praying that Jesus, the birth of the Christ child, God stepping into flesh, and our hearts' full understanding of that event would make Christmas more real to you today than it ever has been. It's all about Jesus. We invite you to journey with us.

Advent Calendar:

  • Sunday November 15th – Pass out Advent Guides
  • Sunday, November 22nd Agape in GC’s/Homes
  • Monday, November 23rd – Start Wk1 Day 1 Reading
  • Sunday, November 29th – Sermon 1: Hope
  • Sunday, December 6th – Sermon 2: Love
  • Sunday, December 13th – Sermon 3: Joy
  • Sunday, December 20th – Sermon 4: Peace
  • Thursday, December 24th – Christmas Eve: Jesus
  • Friday, December 25th – Merry Christmas!
  • Sunday, December 27th – Epiphany