God’s Purposes, Our Good

by Kelly Borjas

We are 2.5 weeks into “quarantine mode,” and I figured it was time for me to pause and reflect (writing is always my way of doing that). Usually when I write a blog, I am introspective on a circumstance or aspect of my life. This is a rare situation where the entire world collectively is experiencing the same issue I am, however, this one pandemic impacts each of us differently.

  • Healthcare workers must take care of sick patients, potentially endangering themselves.
  • Essential businesses and employees go to work, increasing chances of exposure to the virus.
  • Parents have become instant homeschoolers, many still trying to work.
  • Small businesses have the pressure of paying employees with uncertainty of future business.
  • Restaurants have had to change how to do business.
  • Many are being laid off.
  • Children must cope with disappointment: school canceled, birthday parties canceled.

Life as we all know it has drastically changed. Family members and friends may get Coronavirus. The list could go on, as no person or business or entity is unaffected by this pandemic.

My mentality has swung from attempting to enjoy the break from so much of life, to wondering what news reports to believe. I have to fight the fear of future business and financial security, and battle tears with my 6-year-old because he misses his friends. I had to take Facebook off my phone because the negativity permeated too many of my thoughts. How dangerous is the virus itself? How long will this last? Will we get it? My perspective has gone from how to approach this situation as a whole, to how to fight and pray for peace daily (sometimes moment by moment). In one day, I’ll fluctuate between gratitude for our beautiful world and my family: time together, bike rides, neighbors outside and smiling, the meals we have, to heart-palpitating fear that we are stuck like this indefinitely. Patience is tested for my family as we are all together, all the time. Last Sunday we tried to live stream church services when we had two kids start throwing tantrums; in the end we went outside and had our own family church service that was simple and authentic (as my son told the story of Noah’s ark, I had a new appreciation for being stuck on a boat for 40 days!)

I often try to ask what God is teaching me in a particular situation. I found myself today trying to ask that question but was stumped as to the answer because we are ALL in this situation. What is God teaching us? Is it a lesson for humanity in general? Is it some great wake up call? I don’t have answers to these questions.

As I prayed, I was reminded of one of my favorite verses: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).” Sometimes people like to quote this verse with the idea that all things will all work out the way we want (Riches! A nice house! Business success! Whatever else we want!). This is one of the greatest promises of Scripture, but it doesn’t mean we get what we want. I may not have financial security. I may not live to old age. I will lose people I care about at some point in life. So what is our “good” as Christians? It is this: God can and will use all things to work together to make us more like Him, to draw us closer to Him for His purpose. The “good” we have been promised it Jesus.

Our hope is in Jesus. In fact, on my morning run, I literally ran across a sidewalk--chalked verse of Psalm 52:5 “My soul rests in God; my hope comes from him.” I have no idea who placed that there, but the truth and encouragement brought a smile to my face. A ray of hope in a bleak world. This world is temporary; He is eternal. Circumstances change; God never changes. That is our hope, and as our circumstances force us to face our own mortality and the uncertainty around us, we are reminded what is certain, and God is using all these things to work together for our good, and His purposes.