Spinning Wheels

by Aaron
Do ever feel like you are just doing the same thing doing the same thing over and over doing the same thing over and over in your life and yet everything is still the same and nothing changes? Maybe a bit like a rat in wheel that runs and runs and never goes anywhere (much like a person on a treadmill)? I admit that I have felt that way recently, partly because I have become so busy that my focus has become getting the next thing done and never looking up.
I was driving through Santa Maria just a few weeks ago and thought of all the streets that would get me where I needed to go quicker, with less traffic lights, and less people…just to get my ‘stuff’ done. As I was driving I actually looked up and saw the hills that ring the valley we live in and I was taken back at how beautiful the central coast truly is. It made me start to think about how I am trying to get things done with out the intrusion of people who will mess up MY plan…and yet God made us to be a people who are intimately involved with others. 
I took another, albeit mental, step back and thought about how much easier it would be for God to get stuff done with out the intrusion of people messing it all up, and yet He uses us anyway. It kind of puts a different perspective about slowing down and noticing not just the creation around us, but also the creatures around us. We serve a God who is worthy of worship and honor, yet it is when we worship ourselves and/or others that we begin to feel like we are spinning our wheels…because we think they are OUR wheels.
In Romans 1:25 tells us about humanity, that they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! This wasn’t just true in Paul’s day; it is true in ours as well. We have made ourselves the center of our lives, we have become consumed with ourselves, and so feel like we are spinning our wheels because we aren’t getting ahead to where we want to be…we have made it all about us.
How about the next time you feel restless, the next time you want to convince yourself something is OK when you know the scriptures speak against it, or you feel like you are spinning your wheels, take a step back and look around. Look around at God’s word, His creation, and His creatures and see why those wheels are spinning…and maybe whom you are actually worshipping. Maybe the rat wheel will stop; then you can step off and surrender all of your energies to His ambition for your life.
Worship and serve the Creator and not the creation.