The Problem With Labels – Appendix 1

by Aaron
I had a friend of mine proof read last week’s blog, when done they said it reminded them of this modern hymn written by Ruth Duck. I thought I would share it with all of you as well, enjoy:

Moved by the Gospel, let us move with every gift and art. 
The image of creative love indwells each human heart. 
The Maker calls creation good, so let us now express 
with sound and color, stone and wood, 
the shape of holiness. 

Let weavers form from broken strands a tapestry of prayer. 
Let artists paint with skillful hands their joy in lament and care, 
Then mime the story: Christ has come; 
With reverence dance the Word. 
With flute and organ, chime and drum, God’s praise be ever heard. 

O Spirit, breathe among us here, inspire the work we do. 
May hands and voices, eye and ear attest to life made new. 
In worship and in daily strife create among us still. 
Great Artist form our common life according to Your will.