Changed By Jesus II

by Element Christian Church

My name is Jean Morse and this ‘story writing’ is nerve-racking.
My story………well, I have been a Christian for some time now……. but just have never been baptized. I believe I have always loved God – but I just didn’t know Him. In my childhood we really never went to church except for holidays here or there. The first church service I can actually remember was spoken in Latin (Guess I just dated myself)! I did all the catechism and confirmation classes, but that was all formalized and repetitive prayer with lots of fear thrown in (the only thing I remember about it was being scared). I always longed for the God I loved.

I moved to California some years ago as a single mom with two children and really no other family. Life was rough and I was very scared and lonely. I remember being so desperate one day and cried out to God that if He really existed then “please show me.” And God seems to always hear the cry so, here is my story………

My 10 yr. old daughter was attending a small church in someone’s house with a friend she had made down the street. I, of course, could never go to something so intimate (I am simply too shy). One day I picked her up at the bus stop and she asked me “Mommy, are we Christians?” Little did I know that that question would change my life.

I thought “wow” and told her, “Well, I think so – we are “Catholic” and believe in Jesus – so I guess so.” It really bothered me though; I realized there was something I didn’t know and understand (which was actually a someone). I used to walk with my daughter’s friend’s mother so I told her about my dilemma and started asking lots of questions. In the meantime, I got a new co-worker, who guess what...(yep) was a Christian.

I continued to walk with my daughter’s friend’s mother (sounds like a mouthful every time), and we would have lunch and talk about “Jesus.” Her husband would come at lunchtime and bring his Bible and answer my many, many (MANY) questions. One day I asked myself, “Do you believe this?” I remember the moment when my heart cried out “YES!” It just all made sense. Life made sense and at that moment I realized, “I am not alone and will never be alone again.” All of my desperate fear was gone and the comfort of our savior began.

Right at the same time my daughter’s little church moved into an actual room at the Vandenberg Inn, not a house any longer, and her friend’s dad invited me to go. I was scared to go but stepped out of my comfort zone and walked into a loving (put you under their wings), very small church where the pastor was going verse by verse through the book of Romans. What a blessing indeed!

I now look back at my life and remember being a small child with a mother who would read to me from this iddy bitty, small, square book about God. I remember the idea that God is everywhere, knows everything, and that He made me. In that moment, as a small child, I know I loved Him, but it took all those years for me to know Him and His name is Jesus. I am amazed to look back and see His hand on me the whole of my life, through every struggle and journey. I now see the people and places He took me though and into, to get me to Him. I am truly blessed.