Happy Halloween

by Trevor Carpenter

Halloween is the one holiday we Christians can't modify into our very own Christian bookstore supported holiday.

Do you know that we celebrate Resurrection Sunday (Easter) on an old Roman, pre-Christian pagan holiday. Do you know that we celebrate the birth of the world's Savior (Christmas) in place of the ancient celebration of the winter solstice. In all truthfulness, Christians have been in the business of hijacking holidays for the glory of the King since we were still persecuted by the Romans.

So, in light of all that, Happy Halloween!

Now let me be fair. I've struggled with my own support and/or involvement in Halloween quite a bit. In the early days, as a teen, I recall dressing up and strapping on roller-blades (so I could hit more homes, faster). Much later, as a young father, I was adamantly against Halloween. I'd make sure the front porch light was off and we'd be out of the house, busy. Fast forward a few more years, and I've got 4 punks (I mean LOVELY KIDS) at home, who simply must be allowed costumes and candy.

What's a father to do?

Here's the deal. Are we celebrating paganism, idolatry, and satanism in our house? Nope. We're enjoying an opportunity to be together as a family. An opportunity for our kids to dress up, and be something or someone fun and exciting. And the best opportunity of all, we're embracing one of the few opportunities to speak with our neighbors in a way that is not awkward.

The great majority of other families celebrating Halloween aren't burning candles and offering sacrifices to any pagan gods either. Most don't even know the origins of Halloween. Romans 13:2 says, "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers..." We're encouraged to be hospitable, to ,show charity and display a giving attitude to others. On this day, we simply do it with candy. (Get those full-sized candy bars. All the neighbor kids will love you!)

Love your neighbors. Welcome them into your home. Seriously, take advantage of this great opportunity to meet your neighbors. Don't sit there, reading this, and tell me that you know all your neighbors. You don't. I don't. Make some hot chocolate and coffee, get a couple of carafes at Target, and some cups with lids, set up a little TV tray near the door, and offer all those over-walked parents something hot to drink.

What was one of the last things Jesus said? He said, "Go!" We've been sent. Sent into this world to engage our community with the Gospel. How can we engage our community, if we don't know them? Here's your chance!

Oh, and BTW, let's not forget that we know the end of the story. Jesus wins! He's kicked some major demon butt. There's no need to fear those little plastic demons on the 31st.

-Trevor Carpenter{jcomments on}