How The Tamar Center Is Living Missionally

by Element Christian Church
Along the eastern banks of the Gulf of Thailand, you can find a small city called Pattaya. It is about the size of Santa Maria and has nearly a hundred thousand people who claim residency there. Pattaya is primarily known for being the sex destination of Asia. It is especially known for its large gay community in an area of Pattaya known as Boyztown and Sunee Plaza. As a result, the nightlife is consumed by gogo bars, massage parlors and hourly rate hotels. While there are only those hundred thousand or so people who claim residency within Pattaya, it is estimated that there are an additional two hundred thousand people living there periodically throughout the year working in the sex industry in one form or another. To give you an idea of how well known it is for its night life and sex trade, the New York Times says, “If Las Vegas is Sin City, then Pattaya is a bear hug from Lucifer himself.”


Thailand. Pattaya. Sex Trade. 

In the midst of such an oppressive city, there is a group of Christians working to show there is a better way...A better way to live, and to survive. They are revealing Jesus to the people of Pattaya by building relationships and equipping them with skills for a better way to provide for their families.

Founded in 1999, the Tamar Center is located in the midst of Pattaya directly helping these women get off the streets and out of that lifestyle. Their goal is to give them new job skills so they don’t have to rely on prostitution for income. They are given courses in card-making and English. They are taught skills in a hair salon or in a bakery or other income-earning activities. Most importantly, thousands of women have been given the opportunity to see Christ’s love through the women who are there to help them.

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