Child Salvation

by Element Christian Church

I would like to know if you believe that young children (like age 4) can be brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? What are your thoughts on it? My family and I are currently attending a church that believes that it is very rare and that it is too hard to tell if a child really gets what is happening. My family and I are under the belief that it is possible and that we need to teach them about what Jesus did for us and about the free gift of salvation He is giving to us through the shedding of His blood. I would really appreciate your opinion on this subject matter.

Elements position is that all children are unique.

We have had parents who have expressed that their 4 your old(s) want to be baptized. We meet with the parents and the child to ascertain if they understand what they are committing to (some we have said yes, and some we have said no). I, personally, have a friend who was 4 when they started to follow Jesus and they are one of the most amazing people I know.

While we too find it is rare that a very young child fully understands Christ and His atoning work, it is not impossible. We also believe that, in the end, you as a parent will be the best judge of that, as you live with your child every day. It is also one of the reasons we meet with the parents in the process of baptism.

I think you will know if your child "gets it." That it is more than just words regurgitated from a teacher or class...but an actual love for Christ deep in their soul. Besides, I think the gospel is perfectly suited for young hearts and minds and we should be teaching and telling them about Jesus even when they are in the womb (reading theology and scripture to the growing belly). We tell them they have a mother and father who love them, but also a great God, who calls himself Father as well and sent His son as our great propitiation.
Jonathan, one of our Elders added this as well.

Lauren, our 5 1/2 year old is saved, I have no doubt.  She has even begun the sanctification process and has inquired on her own initiative about Baptism.  The need for salvation is, for some reason, not that big of a mystery to a child.  A child that is shown both love and discipline on a regular basis by their parents can readily understand the love and discipline God gives to believers.

Lauren knew that she was a sinner because she did wrong things.  She believes in God, because Jennifer and I don't talk about God like he is make believe, but talk to Him, and about Him, as if he is tangible and in the room.  She knows mommy and daddy have a relationship through prayer with God, so she is naturally inclined to pray.  She hears us regularly acknowledge God's provision of our family resources and income.

She knows that God created her and saved her mommy and daddy.  When she realized that sin prevents you from being with God, and by extension her mommy and daddy in heaven, she wanted to fix that problem.  She knows that Jesus fixed that problem and so she believes in Him and trusts His sacrifice.  To hear her explain her salvation in her own words; would leave you with no doubt of its validity.  She was four years old when she "accepted" Christ, after watching a children's movie that depicted Christ ministry, death and resurrection.