Didn't See That Coming Gospel Statements

by Element Christian Church

Here's an overview of all of our Gospel Statements for our series: Didn't See That Coming. Click on the statement to listen to the message.

“The Gospel is the good news that in Jesus, God came to restore and renew humanity to what He meant for it to be- image bearers who love and serve Him and others in humility.”

“The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Himself has come into the brokenness humanity created, He died for what separated us from God, others, and life; He has promised to renew all things, including us.”

“The Gospel is the good news that though the inclination of our hearts is bent towards ourselves and our own glory, Jesus has come to us in grace and love to restore us to live for His glory and invites us into His mission which focuses us outward from our own lives to live in and help usher in the Kingdom of God.”

“The Gospel is the good news that God has remembered us in our lost state and has come to redeem, rename, and restore us from our brokenness to be in renewed, life-giving relationship with Him and others.”

“The Gospel is the Good news that God has established His Kingdom that cannot be shaken and has restored for us citizenship in that Kingdom where we now live in a present and tangible way which helps bring that Kingdom to this earth.”

“The Gospel is the good news that through Jesus’ rescue and redemption of mankind, we are sent to be His message of redemption to the world.”

“The Gospel is the Good news that God is ruling and reigning and He has restored us to relationship and life with Him, so we would be His image-bearers of who He is to the world by words and actions.”

“The Gospel is the Good news that even though we have destroyed our lives with our own selfishness, Jesus has come not just to redeem, but restore us to be those who live in His kingdom where He rules and reigns forever.”

“The Gospel is the good news that our God has called us out of the slavery we have placed ourselves in and given us a calling, an identity, and a new hope centered in the person of Jesus Christ.”

“The Gospel is the good news that though we have lived and walked in darkness, our God has restored us to Himself because of the work of Jesus; He now sends us out to be His light in the world.”

“The Gospel is the good news that even though we have segregated ourselves from God and others, God has not left us in that state; Jesus has come and liberated us through His death and resurrection to restore our broken relationship with God and others.”

“The Gospel is the good news that Jesus has come in fulfillment of all of God’s promises in the Old Testament to provide a way for us to come into the Kingdom of God by removing our sin through dying on a cross and rising from the grave; He has restored and redeemed us to be His people in the world by His sacrifice.”

“The Gospel is the powerful news that by conquering death and resurrecting from the grave, Jesus is redeeming both individual lives and the whole earth back to the way of life God intended it to be; He has given us authority and power to partner with Him to renew all things by His Spirit.”

“The Gospel is the good news that Jesus died and rose from death for our redemption and He promises a future hope in Him where there is nothing we will miss in this life that does not find its fulfillment in Him, because we will have all eternity to experience Him.”


“The Gospel is the good news that Jesus came as God in the flesh to proclaim the final word of grace and truth to all the world, that salvation is found in Him and Him alone.”

“The Gospel is the good news of the present and future love of God that teaches us to live eternity now by worshipping Jesus in all ways, including loving others by living in redemptive relationship with them no matter the race or culture.”