Episode 3 of 'Talking Element' - Acts wk 36: Hasty Words with Aaron and Judy

by Element Christian Church

This week Michael sits down with Aaron and Judy Lees to discuss Acts week 36: Hast Words, where Paul bears witness to Jesus in all aspects of his life, including his trials. Paul both listens to others and speaks of God’s redemption with a simple message through the detours of life. What we learn, is that we can be honest about ourselves because the Good News is that God Himself is the one who cleans us up and uses all our weakness for His Glory.

Questions Discussed:
- In regards to our youversion reading plan on prayer, what/when are times you have grown through prayer?
- How are you in your life testifying/bearing witness to the Gospel?
- How can we have a clear conscience, resting in God's grace and not our works

Watch Acts Week 36's Livestream Here.