Mother's Day Q&A #1: Priorities

by Element Christian Church

After our panel discussion on Mother's Day, Pam, Amanda, and Jessa hung around to answer some extra questions that were texted in to us. 

"As a single mom, how do you cope with the struggle of putting your husband before your children, especially when your child came before your husband?"
Mother's Day 2013 at Element Christian Church


GoBags Santa Maria

by Element Christian Church

GoBags Santa Maria

In Northern Santa Barbara County, many children must be removed from their homes each week and placed into the care of Child Welfare Services for their safety. Sometimes it is temporary, and sometimes it is permanent. In all cases, there is not much time to take any items from home they may need or want. 

When they remove a child from a home they often don’t have anything in which to place the child’s belongings, if they even have time to get any. Whatever items they can take quickly may go into a black trash bag. A black trash bag should never be a child’s suitcase. 

In order to make this a better experience for the children, GoBags Santa Maria is purchasing bags and collecting personal care items for these children – we hope to collect and assemble approximately 600 bags, 200 for each age group: Baby, School age and Teen. 

GoBags ListSocial Services workers have told us that they would rather carry a stack of 20 GoBags in their trunk for the children than use the black garbage bags. The Social Workers could then grab a gallon-sized zip loc bag filled with personal items appropriate for the age of the child they were picking up that day. They have compiled a “wish list” of items they know children need and want - Click here to download.

You can drop off your donations at Element on Sunday mornings or at the Stuff the Bag event on May 11th at Element.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Baptism Stories - April 14, 2013

by Element Christian Church


Last Sunday was our Baptisms, and we had 20 people baptized! If you didn't make it, or missed reading the stories, this weeks blog is simply a link to them. Please read them, be excited for them, and always stand amazed at the goodness of our great God.

This is Baptism

by Element Christian Church

Learn more about Baptisms here.

Celebrating Baptisms & a "Nacho" Average Church Potluck!

This Sunday, April 14th at 1pm at 1371 Solomon Road. 

What to bring? If your last name begins with the letter:
  • A-L: Cooked taco meat (ground beef or shredded beef or chicken)
  • M-R: Grated/Shredded Cheese or Nacho Cheese & your favorite Salsa
  • S-Z: Beans - Refried (or however you like them on nachos) & and your favorite Salsa
Chips, Nacho Add-ons, Water & Dessert are provided!

What else to bring?
  • Chairs - i.e. lawn chairs, camping chairs, beach chairs, or a blanket.
  • Something to drink.
  • Swimsuit & towel if you want to go swimming afterwards.

Five Years!

by Element Christian Church
This Easter Sunday represented the Fifth Anniversary of Element Christian Church. Our first official service was Easter, 2008. At Element we believe God's blessings come in a multitude of ways, many of which we do not expect. So, here is a look over the past five years and the goodness of Jesus... 

Five Years! Thank You!

Click here to view the entire Five Year Info-graphic

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Easter Services 2013

by Element Christian Church
Easter Times


Easter Services

Saturday, 6pm (Nursery Care Only)Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 11:00am (Full Children's Programs)

You are invited this Easter to Element Christian Church as we look at the Theology of Easter.

Good Friday March 29, 2013

by Element Christian Church
Good Friday Service

Good Friday

Friday, March 30th at 11:00PM, Childcare is not available

This service is designed for those who already believe in the atoning work of Christ, and is simply a reminder of the humbleness we should live in as we remember the sacrifice that our Great God gave as He suffered and died for us.

...And the Winner Is...

by Element Christian Church
Congratulations to David Stovesand - Champion of the Moe-Karting Race day extravaganza. Check out the highlight video below, and be on the look out for the next MOE event coming this April. 

Are you smarter than an eKid!?

by Element Christian Church

Are you smarter than an eKid!? Take the memory challenge! Memorize the following verses. If you can memorize them all, you’ll get the prize! Yes, that’s right, bragging rights over your 5 year old -- Good job you! Memorize the verses this month, and recite them (from memory) to your gc leader or at the Welcome Center! Download the verses here.

Yes, There is Evil In The World

by Element Christian Church
Last Month, in light of the recent shootings, Aaron addresses people's fears and concerns in his sermon It's Not How You Play The Game. Our current society believes our struggle is only against flesh and blood, but the scxriptures teach that evil in the world is much deeper than that. The only thing that makes sense is the scripture's view of the world and the problem of evil in it.


Baptism Stories - September 2, 2012

by Element Christian Church

 Baptism 2012 wide shot

Last Sunday was our Labor Day BBQ and Baptisms. If you didn't make it, or missed reading the stories, this weeks blog is simply a link to them. Please read them, be excited for them, and always stand amazed at the goodness of our great God.

Military Family Appreciation Day - July 28th

by Element Christian Church
July 28th, 1-5pm

All month our eKids! children's ministry are saying a big Thank-You to all the military families in our community. Each week during Sunday School, they will making crafts to show their appreciation. The last Saturday of July we are hosting a MILITARY FAMILY APPRECIATION DAY! This family carnival will be a great afternoon of games, food, prizes and much more! We invite you to join us, and invite those families you know who has a loved one who is serving or has served!

The carnival will be July 28th from 1-5pm at Element Christian Church: 3596 Skyway Drive!

Download Poster or Postcard here to send to your friends!

We also need anybody who is able to help build the carnival booths and other activities, as well as volunteers to help run the carnival! Email to sign up.

Child Salvation

by Element Christian Church

I would like to know if you believe that young children (like age 4) can be brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? What are your thoughts on it? My family and I are currently attending a church that believes that it is very rare and that it is too hard to tell if a child really gets what is happening. My family and I are under the belief that it is possible and that we need to teach them about what Jesus did for us and about the free gift of salvation He is giving to us through the shedding of His blood. I would really appreciate your opinion on this subject matter.

Elements position is that all children are unique.

We have had parents who have expressed that their 4 your old(s) want to be baptized. We meet with the parents and the child to ascertain if they understand what they are committing to (some we have said yes, and some we have said no). I, personally, have a friend who was 4 when they started to follow Jesus and they are one of the most amazing people I know.

While we too find it is rare that a very young child fully understands Christ and His atoning work, it is not impossible. We also believe that, in the end, you as a parent will be the best judge of that, as you live with your child every day. It is also one of the reasons we meet with the parents in the process of baptism.

I think you will know if your child "gets it." That it is more than just words regurgitated from a teacher or class...but an actual love for Christ deep in their soul. Besides, I think the gospel is perfectly suited for young hearts and minds and we should be teaching and telling them about Jesus even when they are in the womb (reading theology and scripture to the growing belly). We tell them they have a mother and father who love them, but also a great God, who calls himself Father as well and sent His son as our great propitiation.
Jonathan, one of our Elders added this as well.

Lauren, our 5 1/2 year old is saved, I have no doubt.  She has even begun the sanctification process and has inquired on her own initiative about Baptism.  The need for salvation is, for some reason, not that big of a mystery to a child.  A child that is shown both love and discipline on a regular basis by their parents can readily understand the love and discipline God gives to believers.

Lauren knew that she was a sinner because she did wrong things.  She believes in God, because Jennifer and I don't talk about God like he is make believe, but talk to Him, and about Him, as if he is tangible and in the room.  She knows mommy and daddy have a relationship through prayer with God, so she is naturally inclined to pray.  She hears us regularly acknowledge God's provision of our family resources and income.

She knows that God created her and saved her mommy and daddy.  When she realized that sin prevents you from being with God, and by extension her mommy and daddy in heaven, she wanted to fix that problem.  She knows that Jesus fixed that problem and so she believes in Him and trusts His sacrifice.  To hear her explain her salvation in her own words; would leave you with no doubt of its validity.  She was four years old when she "accepted" Christ, after watching a children's movie that depicted Christ ministry, death and resurrection.

How The Tamar Center Is Living Missionally

by Element Christian Church
Along the eastern banks of the Gulf of Thailand, you can find a small city called Pattaya. It is about the size of Santa Maria and has nearly a hundred thousand people who claim residency there. Pattaya is primarily known for being the sex destination of Asia. It is especially known for its large gay community in an area of Pattaya known as Boyztown and Sunee Plaza. As a result, the nightlife is consumed by gogo bars, massage parlors and hourly rate hotels. While there are only those hundred thousand or so people who claim residency within Pattaya, it is estimated that there are an additional two hundred thousand people living there periodically throughout the year working in the sex industry in one form or another. To give you an idea of how well known it is for its night life and sex trade, the New York Times says, “If Las Vegas is Sin City, then Pattaya is a bear hug from Lucifer himself.”


Thailand. Pattaya. Sex Trade. 

In the midst of such an oppressive city, there is a group of Christians working to show there is a better way...A better way to live, and to survive. They are revealing Jesus to the people of Pattaya by building relationships and equipping them with skills for a better way to provide for their families.

Founded in 1999, the Tamar Center is located in the midst of Pattaya directly helping these women get off the streets and out of that lifestyle. Their goal is to give them new job skills so they don’t have to rely on prostitution for income. They are given courses in card-making and English. They are taught skills in a hair salon or in a bakery or other income-earning activities. Most importantly, thousands of women have been given the opportunity to see Christ’s love through the women who are there to help them.

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Vandenberg Air Force Base

by Element Christian Church

At Element, we want to bless our city and see lives redeemed by the good news of Jesus. But our vision is bigger than the city of Santa Maria alone. We want to see the whole Central Coast changed by the power of the gospel. We want to see the gospel go out to “the ends of the earth.” So in this article we wanted to take the time to highlight our neighbors at Vandenberg Air Force Base and begin to look at ways that we can reach the folks at Vandenberg with the Gospel.


Opportunities and Challenges:

"The church exists by mission as fire exists by burning." - Emil Brunner

Our great purpose as a church is to bring glory to God. We are all called to live missional lives – in which our words and actions, where our individual lives and our community life, all line up the same message of good news of Jesus Christ. The key question, then, is “how can we take this message to Vandenberg?” The base presents some great opportunities and some great challenges. You don’t have to look long or hard to see them.

For example, settling into a new home can be frustrating and lonely. Constantly pulling up roots can be wearying and unsettling. But imagine if new students at Vandenberg were welcomed into authentic communities who became their home away from home. Imagine if new believers were discipled, equipped, and strengthened, and then sent off as missionaries all around the world. Imagine if families were blessed by the welcome, hospitality, and love of the church (who is merely reflecting the welcome and love of Jesus) and in turn becomes that welcoming, hospitable, and loving family to others...

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Seder Meal 2012

by Element Christian Church

Missed our 2012 Good Friday Service? Watch the Passover Seder Meal presented byTuvya Zaretsky from Jews For Jesus.

This Is Element

by Element Christian Church

Because so many people misunderstand the Element logo, we get mistaken for a lot of crazy things. Element constantly has beliefs ascribed to us by people who have never spoken to us, and the assumptions usually end up being wrong (you know what they say about assuming). We have decided to help everyone understand not only what Element is here for and what we believe, but also why Santa Maria. If you are visiting our city, moving to our city, or wondering about Element, we hope this 5 minute video answers many of your questions about who we are, what we believe, and why we do what we do the way that we do.