Meet the Pruetts, Missionaries in the Philippines

by Element Christian Church

Photos of Work 

Brian, Bailey and their three children have been serving in the Philippines since 2008.  Brian is the pilot, mechanic, and program manager for Ethnos 360 Aviation - which provides air support for Philippine missionaries.  Bailey is ground support for the helicopter.  She monitors flights via satellite tracker, collects updated weather reports, and coordinates ambulances, fuel trucks, passengers and ground transportation for them.  She also homeschools their three children.

There are over 7,000 islands with 185 distinct languages.  Brian transports missionaries, groceries, hardware, teaching materials, patients, relief goods, etc…  Without this flight service, many of the outreaches would not be possible. The flight service enables outreaches and sustains teachers, ongoing discipleship and Bible translation in the most remote parts of the Philippines.  


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