It’s been a wild two years! Fear, stress, shutdowns, regulations, and more have upended our world, including our tangible experience of gathering together. Through all of this, we know God has continued to be good and in control, and we have loved the opportunity to gather together each week to celebrate who He is—both in person and online. We’re seeing more people returning to in-person gatherings, which is exciting! With that, we want to take some time this Spring and Summer to extend a warm welcome to those ready and looking to return in person. We understand it can feel strange gathering together after spending so much time apart. It can feel awkward or embarrassing or new after developing other routines. So, this season, we’re providing various opportunities for you to reconnect at Element without judgment or shame. With Spring being a time of newness and rebirth, we’re celebrating not just who Jesus is, but what it means to be in community with one another.

We hope that these events also serve as opportunities to invite others to Element…maybe for the first time! And for those of you watching online, please know we are thrilled to have you join us in any way possible. Our hope and prayer is that wherever you are, you would come to experience the joy and fullness of living in community with others.

It’s the COMEBACK…and you’re invited.


Upcoming Events

Series: Never Read A Bible Verse

May 29th Sunday
New Sermon Series: Never Read A Bible Verse*

There are some Christians who say that those who don’t believe the Bible or trust in Jesus, “just need to read the bible,” but what happens if they do and it has the opposite effect? There are many things in the bible that are written that are hard to understand without having a clear cultural understanding of the context in which it was written; many Christians even assume the Bible says things that it does not because we fail to understand context. Cultural changes over time can lead to shifts in the way we use certain words, and this makes a difference when reading/translating texts of the Bible. There are a lot of people who do not know or understand the Bible and yet they claim it is filled with nonsense, it is why study of the Bible is important for us…because as I said ultimately the Bible is about Jesus. It shows us who we are and who He is in His person.

*without context

Help Needed

June 5th,
Volunteer Info & Training Day

Coming back means we need your help! From children's classrooms, tech team, band, and mid-week set up and maintenance, we need our church family to help make ministering possible.
Questions, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the same time, our eFamilies! team wants to help our current teachers feel more confident while also showing those interested in helping in the classroom learn what that looks like. Whether you teach Preschoolers or Elementary students, its all about how you present the story. Join us for this short training to learn about how you can effectively covey Spiritual truths to children through the stories of the Bible.
Questions, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


June 19th (Father's Day)
Dodgeball Double-Elmination Tournament

Dads, grab your families, GCs, friends, and come celebrate being Father by throwing dodge-balls at other people! More details to come!

Crockpot-Palooza and Movie Night

July 3rd,
Crockpot-Palooza & Movie Night

Once upon a time we celebrated moving into our permanent home with the biggest crockpot potluck you've ever imagined! We called it Crockpot-Palooza and we are doing it again! Combining this event with our annual eFamilies! "Drive-in Movie Night" this is now an event for everyone! Young, old, single, married, parents, empty-nesters... EVERYONE!

Movie and theme TBD! Stay tuned!


August 26th,
Community Trivia Night

This event will be:
B- Loud and chaotic
C- A good chance to hang out with other people
D- Mildly embarrassing - both for me and for you
E- All of the above
More details to come, but start studying now!
Baptisms & Celebreation

September 4th,
Baptisms & Labor Day BBQ

Join us for our second Baptisms for 2022.

Holiday Market

September 24th
Fall Holiday Market

Come support our annual Fall Market and get your holiday shopping done early! Interested in being a vendor? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Coming Soon September 25th
New Series: Prayer
Kids CTV: Change Their View

September 28-30
eFamily Change Their View (CTV)

Check Back Soon for More Details.

The Weekender - Membership Class

October 7th & 8th
The Weekender

Check Back Soon for More Details.

Pumpkin Killing 2022

October 30th
Pumpkin Killing

Check Back Soon for More Details.

Night of Prayer and Worhship

November 11th
Night of Prayer and Worship

Check Back Soon for More Details.

Agape Thanksgiving dinners

November 20th
Agape Thanksgiving Meal

Check Back Soon for More Details.

Upcoming Youth Events Youth Summer:
Beach Trips, Water Park, Pool Party
Roller Skate, Fireworks Booth,
Strawberry Festival
& Local Outreach Week


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