Jesus calls every believer to be His disciple. He calls each of us to follow Him and learn from Him in order to become like Him. This is what it means to be His disciple. This is the process of "Christ being formed in you" (Galatians 4:19). It is the transformation of our whole person so that Jesus' character becomes our character, so that we can actually live as He would if He were in our place. Certainly this requires the power and grace of God, without which we can do nothing. But it doesn't happen automatically or without our effort and participation. We will take 6 weeks to explore how this works in more detail.

# Title Speaker Date
6 Wk 6 'Social' Eric 2008-10-29
5 Wk 5 'Body' Eric 2008-10-22
4 Wk 4 'Will' Eric 2008-10-15
3 Wk 3 'Feelings' Eric 2008-10-08
2 Wk 2 'Thoughts' Eric 2008-10-01
1 Wk 1 'Overview' Eric 2008-09-24