Sermon Notes:
Paul wants Timothy to teach his people the difference between the doctrine of demons and the good doctrine of Jesus Christ. Apparently people in that time (like today) were confused about what the gospel really is.
The cultural attitude of America is changing. Just a few decades ago in America you could walk around and tell the essential Jesus story and most people would understand what you were saying. There was a consciousness that was aware of the basic story of the scripture, but that is not true today. America has changed its spirituality.
The shift is thinking has affected our education system and all forms of media. In the 1960s Bob Dillon wrote these lyrics, “Come mothers and fathers Throughout the land And don’t criticize What you can’t understand, Your sons and your daughters Are beyond your command Your old road is Rapidly agin’ Please get out of the new one If you can’t lend your hand … For the times they are a-changin’.  
Today there is a radical change in the direction of western history and most of us were already born into it and do not notice. These changes create a sense of confusion that leads to a confusion about the gospel and what it really is. Many Americans, who call themselves Christians, are actually holding onto and preaching a false gospel with their lives and with their words. 
One-ism and two-ism are terms coined by Dr Peter Jones, they are an easy way to remember what happens when our worldview shifts from a biblical worldview to anything else. It is a great and easy way to determine the truth of something you are looking at…
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