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SEPTEMBER 1st 1:15pm:

Baptisms & BBQ Celebration

To learn more about baptism, click here. Baptisms are not magical, but they are a deeply spiritual event that reflects the work Jesus has done in our lives and for that we celebrate when we see life transformation within our church family! Please come and share in the Baptisms at 1pm, and hang out afterwards to celebrate. Everyone is welcome to swim after baptisms!

Lunch will be Tri-Tip! Element will provide Tritip, bread and drinks. We ask that you bring the following based on your last name:
A-L: Desserts - 2-3 dozen finger friendly desserts (COOKIES, cookie bars, cupcakes)
M-Z: salads, sides and salsa

Other items to bring: Folding chairs, Sunscreen, Lawn games, Extra Cookies, Pool Floaties, Swimsuits/Towels

Location: 1371 Solomon Road, Orcutt , CA 93455 



Gospel Class

Starts Sundays September 15th at 1pm in the Sanctuary | More Info

Our Gospel Class It’s an 8 week course that goes through basic Doctrine and what Element believes and covers such topics as: God, Scripture, Sin, Salvation, Gifts & Talents, Stewardship & the missional church. Our Gospel Class is a requirement for church membership.

Location: Sanctuary