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SEPT. - NOV. 10, 2019:

Gospel Class

Sundays at 1pm in the Sanctuary | More Info

Our Gospel Class It’s an 8 week course that goes through basic Doctrine and what Element believes and covers such topics as: God, Scripture, Sin, Salvation, Gifts & Talents, Stewardship & the missional church. Our Gospel Class is a requirement for church membership.

Location: Sanctuary

OCTOBER 11 - 12th:

Seminar: Parenting Through The Phases

If you have kids, you know parenting is an ever-evolving art and we need to stay ahead of the curve in order to be most effective in our parent game! We only get 936 weeks from birth to graduation and we need to make the most of it! Join us Friday, October 11th from 6p-9p and Saturday, October 12th from 9a-2p for a 2 day seminar titled “Parenting through the phases” where we will explore each of the developmental phases, what your kids need during that phase and how parenting changes to accommodate those needs. The cost is $25 and there will be childcare provided for those who sign up early

Location: Element Church

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Pumpkin Killing!

Join us as we Launch, Carve & Eat Pumpkins.  
Location: Orcutt Hill / Newlove Picnic Grounds

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"Agape" Thanksgiving Community Dinner


"Agape," that is what the original church called their feasts where they celebrated the goodness of what Christ had done in their lives. At Element we are trying to give a small reflection of that event, providing you with dinner, some great conversation, and thoughtful reflection...

Location: At Element

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Christmas Eve Services

Our Christmas Eve Services will be at 5, 7, 9 & 11pm.
Childcare up to age five will be at the 5 and 7pm services only.

JANUARY 29 - APRIL 1, 2020:

Element University: Unfolding Mystery

Element U will lay out the Biblical Worldview foundation. This is essential for any missionary wherever their field is. The title of the class is: The Unfolding Mystery of Redemption: God's Gracious Plan to Redeem the Human Race. It will be a 9 week Wednesday night class. Childcare and Children's programs will be running. We are inviting all of our Gospel Communities to attend this in lieu of Notes Night for these 9 weeks.

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