Sermon Notes:

This week in the church calendar is called Holy Week or Passion Week, and is celebrated as the time leading up to the cross and crucifixion of Jesus. The cross becomes the culmination of all salvific human history, because it is the moment, at least in human time, that the sin of all of us was laid upon Jesus. There is nothing more important than the death and resurrection of Jesus. Without Jesus, there is no eternal life, no forgiveness of sin, and no relationship with a good and holy God. The Gospel is the good news that it is God who reconciles us to Himself; we don’t pay for our sin—Jesus does.

This Week's Gospel Statement: “The Gospel is the good news that Jesus has come in fulfillment of all of God’s promises in the Old Testament to provide a way for us to come into the Kingdom of God by removing our sin through dying on a cross and rising from the grave; He has restored and redeemed us to be His people in the world by His sacrifice.”

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