Sermon Notes:

This week was Easter, and we talked about resurrection and new life (you probably saw that coming). When we talk about resurrection—the “He is not here, but has risen”—we have to talk about what the Gospel means for us today. Too many people today think the Gospel is about what happens after we die; we think resurrection is life after this life. Resurrection, for sure, includes those things, but it transcends life after death; it is eternal life that starts now, today. Resurrection is something that lies at the heart of the Christian story, the Gospel—it is so much more than “life after death.”

This Week's Gospel Statement: “The Gospel is the powerful news that by conquering death and resurrecting from the grave, Jesus is redeeming both individual lives and the whole earth back to the way of life God intended it to be; He has given us authority and power to partner with Him to renew all things by His Spirit.”

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