Sermon Notes:

The story of the flood can conjure mixed emotions because it entails so much death and so much grace at the same time. It is part of our favorite Sunday School stories, probably because of the animals and not the fact that, essentially, all of humanity dies. The story of the flood introduces us to three theological constructs: - Total depravity: Which means our thoughts, actions, and lives are corrupted and stained by the sin of the fall. - Grace: That God gives us favor because He is good, not because our actions are worthy of praise. - A covenant-keeping God: That God remembers us and cares for us.

This Week's Gospel Statement: “The Gospel is the good news that though the inclination of our hearts is bent towards ourselves and our own glory, Jesus has come to us in grace and love to restore us to live for His glory and invites us into His mission which focuses us outward from our own lives to live in and help usher in the Kingdom of God.”

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