Sermon Notes:

This week, we rocketed out of the book of Genesis and plunged into the Exodus story, where we learn of the Israelites’ enslavement by the Egyptian people. During this horrible time of oppression, the Israelites cry out to God and God hears their cry and is moved to action. This is a remarkable picture of an empathetic God that is active in our redemption, and it is a powerful theme that is presented throughout Scripture.

In the first four weeks of this sermon series, we began to understand that sin does not just pertain to individuals. Sin is something that moves from the individual to a society at large, and that is how the stage is set for the Exodus. We see the atrocities of systemic evil at work, and a redeemer is desperately needed to rescue those harmed by sin.

This Week's Gospel Statement: “The Gospel is the Good news that God has established His Kingdom that cannot be shaken and has restored for us citizenship in that Kingdom where we now live in a present and tangible way which helps bring that Kingdom to this earth.”

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