Sermon Notes:

This week we start a new short 33 week sermon series on the book Ecclesiastes. This book is widely popular and often misunderstood. Ecclesiastes asks one of the most important and most frequently asked questions in all of human history: what is the meaning or purpose of life?

Ecclesiastes sounds like it could be a thoroughly depressing book as it starts out with words, “meaningless, meaningless, all is meaningless.” The book however must be seen in light of all the rest of the Scriptures, because the rest of the Scriptures actually answer Solomon’s most perplexing question of meaning in life. This book is narrated by the “teacher,” his job is to disrupt us and our thought processes because he doesn’t want to just affirm truths that we already know, but provide a space for honest dialogue and reflection. The teacher forces us to wrestle with what we believe to be true instead of spoon feeding truth to us.

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