Sanctity of Women

Please elaborate on what you mean by this phrase (context: Genesis 19, Week 31, Like Salt in the Water): "Men, if you don't get your head straight about the sanctity of women it will corrupt your relating to the opposite sex?"
Usually when I make a comment like the one listed above I have a million other things swirling in my head about it as well. Let me try to give a whittled down version of all that was in my head.
Our society today has completely missed the ideal that God intended when He made us male and female. Feminism and chauvinism are simply two sides of the same coin that seeks to pit men and women against each other, rather than understand the biblical truth that we are equal because we were created equal. Today, equality has become a fight, when it was never intended to be.
Feminism, as much as it claims to be about empowering women, also pushes women to be as much like men as possible. Women shouldn't have to be men, they should not have to be just as nasty, vulgar, or rude, they need to instead be distinctly women. Many men buy into feminism and support it because it is an easier way to get what they want, sex without commitment; all it serves to do is actually further chauvinism.
So men must get their head straight about the sanctity of women, those women who desire it and those who don't. Men must become the cultivators (of our jobs and families), the warriors (protecting those who need it and fighting against God's enemies), and the sages (those who live and breathe God grace) that God intends.
How do we BEGIN to do this? I think it will start with making covenantal promises where we struggle most. Job 31:1 Job saysI have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin? The word virgin means "young woman." Job recalls a personal commitment he had made regarding what he would and would not gaze at in seeking purity. He professes purity in avoiding sexual lust, Jesus even reinforced this idea for His people in Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Pornography is like the enemy’s nuclear bomb that takes out almost every guy today. I think our commitment to sexual purity must be the place we begin in order to get our "head straight about the sanctity of women." For many guys this would include accountability with other men, the ability to speak openly about it to those we trust, and the freedom to call (or text) the moment temptation rears its ugly head.
There are many more steps in getting to the place where men and women value the sanctity of each other, but this, for men, is the best place to start. If we could get men to live this way I believe the tone and tenor of the debate about equality, sanctity, and value would completely change.