As we head into Christmas, it is usually a time when family gets together in various degrees; sometimes those family interactions don’t go so well. We are doing a short Christmas series called “Jingle All The Way” because most people feel like we have to act happy and everything is OK when the hard family members show up (we “jingle all the way”). Plus it is the name of an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and we had to (at some point) use an Arnold movie title for something.

If we are honest, we can all admit that families are hard. In the church we are called a family because God has made us family by adopting us, it starts and ends with Him. Even if you don’t have messed up people in your biological “family” you will have them in the church, so we want to help you to know how to navigate some of that. We plan to look at many dysfunctional family dynamics and then discuss how we are sent to make a difference and be Jesus’ hands and feet to this world.