Job - Lent Journey 2021

February14th through April 10th

Because Covid is progressing into 2021 there is more isolation than ever before. One of the reasons we are doing an all-church journey is to help us once again connect with one-another. We can have common conversations as we are all journeying together through this season of Lent no matter where we are.

The word Lent is a shortened form of an Old English word that simply meant “spring season,” because Lent itself takes place in the spring. In earlier languages like Greek and Latin, when referring to Lent, they would use a word that meant “fortieth”; as in most religious traditions, it lasts 40 days. They both go together because Lent traditionally lasts 40 days in the spring. Lent starts 40 days before Good Friday, as it is was meant to be a time of sober reflection in preparation for the joy of Easter and resurrection. In various traditions Lent includes prayer, self-denial, repentance, and giving to the poor and needy.

During our journey, Element will encourage you to give up something for this season; we will direct you towards this during week one. While we want our time to be reflective, we do not want it to be depressing. While the normal Lent journey is 40 days, ours will be 55 days as we walk through the book of Job together.

Free Journey Guide Booklets.
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