The minor prophets are a set of twelve books at the end of the Old Testament Scriptures. We do not call the “minor” prophets because they aren’t as important as other prophets, but simply for the brevity of the books. Though the books have warnings for Israel and her people, they will also ultimately point to Jesus as everything in the Bible does.

# Title Speaker Date
6 6) Obadiah (The Minors) Aaron 2021-06-13
5 5) Zephaniah (The Minors) Aaron 2021-06-06
4 4) Jonah (The Minors) Aaron 2021-05-30
3 3) Haggai (The Minors) Aaron 2021-05-23
2 2) Joel (The Minors) Aaron 2021-05-16
1 1) Hosea (The Minors) Aaron 2021-05-09