Sermon Notes:
We serve and love a God who has a great sense of humor. Through-out scripture we see God joking around, having fun, and drawing people into repentance through humor. In the history of men no one was as funny as Jesus.  Jesus used humor at parties, with His disciples, but His best humor was used in His teaching. He would use humor and sarcasm to call people into repentance. He would joke around with the way religious people lived out the law while teaching how the law should be lived. Through this kind of teaching we laugh and cry realizing that our attempts at gaining heaven on our own power are truly laughable. Through laughing we are drawn to our Father who loves us and brings us hope and joy in spite of our stupidity. Through His joy we learn to take ourselves lightly and God seriously knowing that He is trustworthy and true, and that our salvation is secure in Him, not in our own works. With hearts of worship we praise Him for the joy and humor He brings into our lives.
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