Sermon Notes:
According to a 2004 study, Americans are getting 2 1/2 fewer hours of sleep than people did one hundred years ago. The Centers for Disease Control are now tracking this information; not properly resting can bring on Diabetes and Obesity. Forty million Americans get fewer than 6 hours of sleep per night. In the modern church, we think it is more godly to forget sleep and find more work, but God made us as He did to need to rest. God made us to be finite and fragile.
The point of the resurrection is salvation in Jesus alone; but part of surrendering our lives to Him means that we rest in Him. Jesus did not get out of the grave so we could kill ourselves, trying to run, and ultimately ruin, our lives. He rose so you and I could truly experience His rest physically and spiritually. He made us, we must trust Him to know what is best for all of our lives. Surrendering to Jesus means we also surrender our need to control our lives and learn to rest.
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