Sermon Notes:
Fathers have one of the most important tasks in all of society and it’s a tremendous responsibility. We are to humbly lead our families by loving our wives, delighting in our children, disciplining when necessary, and preach the gospel to them through our words and actions. We are to be willing to push back against a culture that is slowly trying to usurp the father’s authority in the family and give our God given roles to the public institutions. By the grace of God may we lead our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord and train them in the way they should go and not become lazy and expect the churches, or schools, to do the parenting for us. We are not just training our kids to be successful, we are fighting for their hearts and minds since they are not just warm bodies but souls as well!
In the end, we are to model God’s grace towards us in the way we parent our own children and point them to our perfect heavenly Father, the one whom we can cry ABBA! Father!
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