Sermon Notes:
We are in a series called “Legends of the Fall,” which is all about the “bad” people or the “bad” stories in the bible and how it relates to who we are. We tend to want to look at “bad” guys in a story and say “that could never be me because I’m really a good person,” but we are exactly like those bad guys. Today we look at an incestual story of rape; we look at Amnon.
It is important to remember that the story of Amnon immediately follows the story of David and Bathsheba. Even though God forgives David for his sin, there is still a price that get’s paid (not to God, but when we model bad behavior to our kids). The prophet Nathan in 2 Sam 12:10-12 warned David of what was going to happen for not leaving a proper legacy for his children. David’s sin of sexual abuse now its way directly into his family. We have a tendency to think that our sin only affects us, but it does not, sin permeates all aspects of our life and community.
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