Sermon Notes:
We are in our 17th week of the book of Acts. We are doing Acts in an attempt to grow as a church in the knowing what God called the early church to do (be a witness). Jesus empowered the early church, by sending the Spirit, to live His mission on the earth. We hope that if you spend time in the book of Acts you have grown with us. Today we look at what happens when a church fails…or does something wrong. How does the leadership and the membership grow through it?
We have all failed, the question becomes what will we do with that failure? Up to this point in Acts the church is living in the power of the Spirit, amazing things are happening and the church has been growing and succeeding (we would call this lots of ‘wins’). In Acts 5 we see the beginnings of internal accountability and external persecution. Now we see the beginnings of
internal opposition. Acts is moving on a trajectory of how this church grew into what we know today. Here, in Acts 6, there comes internal opposition because of a failure on the leadership’s part.
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