Sermon Notes:

In our current What in the World Part 2 series, we are answering questions you had asked us at the end of last year. Sometimes, when we read the scriptures, there are questions about the text that we don’t know how to ask (or maybe verbalize); this series was a way to try to answer some of those lingering questions.

It seems the questions that many have about the scriptures come from personal experience and pain. Here is this week’s question: “What is the deal with Lot’s daughter sleeping with him? As an abused daughter, I wonder why God would allow that in the bible. Nothing else is said, like it is no big deal. This gives weak minded fathers the ability to think it is OK?”

First, the bible nowhere condones this type of behavior, the story is recounted in the Scriptures for a purpose. Second, it is a good question because our present understanding of these ancient narratives will affect how we live out the good news of what Jesus came to do in our lives.

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