Sermon Notes:

Today we will look at the very practical ways that Boaz honors Ruth (and others) in ways that are strong and masculine, while not being chauvinistic. Boaz is a great catch for Ruth based on 15 indicators in the text.

  • His character (Ruth 2:1).
  • Boaz isn’t afraid to show that he knows God! (Ruth 2:4)
  • He NOTICES. (Ruth 2:5) • Boaz honors what is front of him.
  • Boaz provides friendship and community. (Ruth 2:8)
  • Boaz protects Ruth.
  • Boaz tells Ruth her character is beautiful. (Ruth 2:11)
  • Boaz honors her publicly.
  • Boaz prays for her. (Ruth 2:12)
  • Boaz comforts her. (Ruth 2:13)
  • Boaz offers grace.
  • Boaz feeds her. (Ruth 2:14)
  • Boaz serves Ruth.
  • Boaz treats Ruth with respect and in turn treats Naomi with respect. (Ruth 2:14)
  • Boaz invests in those around him. (Ruth 2:15)
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