Sermon Notes:

Last week we looked at practical tips for men from the text in how Boaz treats Ruth, today we will look at the very practical ways that Ruth navigates and honors a burgeoning relationship with Boaz, and Jesus. The things that stand out about Ruth are indicated in the text as follow:

  • Ruth is a person of character (Ruth 2:11).
  • Ruth is respectful, but honest (2:10).
  • Ruth acknowledges and thanks Boaz (2:13).
  • Ruth works hard and well.
  • Ruth made an effort to be attractive to Boaz (3:3).
  • Ruth places herself in front of Boaz (3:3).
  • Ruth gave Boaz some space (3:3).
  • Ruth let’s Boaz know her expectations (3:9).
  • Ruth asks to be taken care of (3:9).
  • Ruth is a “worthy woman” (3:11).
  • Ruth trusts Boaz (3:13).
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