Sermon Notes:

Since God, by definition, is infinite, and human beings are finite, God would have to reveal Himself to man in such a way that we could know Him and relate to Him. He has done this through “general revelation” where God communicates about Himself to all people at all times and in all places. He also does this through “special revelation” where God communicates particular things about Himself to particular people at particular times. General clues and knowledge about God’s existence and power are seen in the existence of the physical universe as well as in human beings. It’s only the Biblical view of creation that adequately explains the mysteries of our world. By it, we know where the Big Bang came from, why the universe is fine-tuned for organic life and why the laws of nature are so predictable. It explains why our intuitions about the meaningfulness of beauty, love and human dignity are to be expected...because they come from a God of beauty, love, peace and justice in whose image we have been created. By it, we also understand that the violence and hate that we see in our world exists because we as people are broken by sin and need to be redeemed. Through it we realize that God has not been vague about Himself, but He has specifically revealed Himself in His Son Jesus; through whom He provides that redemption by making all things new.

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