Sermon Notes:

Solomon was the son of King David and considered to be the wisest man who has ever lived (other than Jesus). What we see in Solomon’s story is that his wisdom didn’t save him from himself or his his spiral into sin. The Bible speaks of how Solomon’s downfall occurs because he clung to many foreign women “in love,” but not to God Himself. Our heart is the innermost, unseen core of who we are, the place of secret thoughts, desires, and perceptions. Our hearts need to change, and that is what God wants to do. If we live for desire, we will end up being a slave to that desire. Solomon is like us, we are people who are saved by the grace of God and yet we throw aside all the favor that God has bestowed upon us and run after whatever idol it is that we think we need at the time to make us feel fulfilled. We, like Solomon, cast aside the true joy that fellowship with God brings. Yet, when we truly love Jesus we begin to arrange our lives around God’s great grace and calling over us.

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