Sermon Notes:

Easter is a day that centers on the resurrection of Jesus. It is a day of celebration and hope because God was and is true to His promises. Instead of looking at the reasons for the Resurrection, today we are looking at the miracle of forgiveness. We are a people who consistently turn from who and what God calls us to be: His image bearers in the world. Even though we have broken relationship with God, Jesus comes to bring restoration to that broken relationship through the miracle of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an interesting concept because to truly want forgiveness we must agree with someone else that we have done something wrong. This is why it is so hard for many in western culture to get their heads around the concept of sin. We consistently tell ourselves that our actions against God are not as bad as they actually are. This is where the miracle of forgiveness comes in; God forgives us in Christ for our sins against Him and others before we truly understand the depth of what our sin actually is. His Spirit then guides us as we are surrendered to Him to grow into people who not only understand our sin, but also our great forgiveness, restoration, and reconciliation with God Himself; it enables us to live in hope and joy again. 

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