Sermon Notes:

The words faith and belief in the New Testament was not this idea of something we muster up by trying really hard to hope something is true; faith/belief meant trust. What you see is that everyone in the bible struggles with trusting God for all God says that He is. Today we will see how a father, as well as some of the disciples struggled in trusting Jesus for the healing of a young boy. In our day we tend to go full “Doubting Thomas” and say that God needs to show up how we say, when we say, or He must not truly be God. Thomas started like this, as did all the disciples at one point. Where they ended up is where we need to end up, astonished that we have an opportunity to live in relationship with God while He does His miracle of revealing His majesty to us through salvation. The miracle is that He saves us even though we do not have perfect faith (trust); where we realize that it is not about how much faith we have, but WHO our faith is in.

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