Sermon Notes:

Today, as the church, we are to be God’s ambassadors to the world, what the world will see of God is how we now live. Healing for the world will come as God’s blessings flow out from us as His people. We are called to pour out our money, power, and opportunity as genuine sacrifice to Jesus in this world. If our giving leads to trouble or genuine sacrifice, that should not surprise us. One commentator said, “The healing of the world comes through the sacrificial death of the church.” He says that God brings life to people around us the same way He brought life to us… Where we sacrifice for others like Jesus sacrificed for us. How we navigate life will show those around us that we have a joy that goes beyond the pleasures of this life or the pain of the grave! Our suffering is not about our sin, but God’s glory. God’s purpose for trial is not punitive for us, but redemptive for others.

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