Sermon Notes:

Welcome back to the book of Ecclesiastes. We spent the first part of this year going through this philosophical Old Testament book that centers itself on questions of life, wisdom, and God. The author of Ecclesiastes is King Solomon who is constantly asking questions about where our focus lies: on things “under the sun” (meaning the realm which we create) or the eternal.

Solomon will use the words “Yet when I surveyed” to push us to face, with brutal honest self-examination, what life without God is truly like. This is why we called the series “The Existential Hangover.” The word “existential” relates to existence; the big question of the book being NOW WHAT? I had it all, bought it all, did it all, accomplished it all and now what? The writer of the book “had it all” in the realm of the created and says “I now want to tell about that which exists beyond the realm of what we create.”

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