Join us September 25 through December as we journey through our new series: Prayer

Prayer is how we grow into deeper intimacy with God, yet to so many people, it feels out of their reach. Our goal through the next 13 weeks is to make prayer more tangible and relatable. We want you to begin to pray (if you never have), pray more authentically, and spend time with God in ways that He becomes the object of your worship. In every religion in the world, prayer is central to what communion with God is supposed to look like…it is the heart of what we believe. As with any relationship, communication is central. By knowing who Jesus is and experiencing His grace, we will encounter Him and grow in faith and maturity. Hopefully in a few weeks you will understand our definition of prayer, which is adapted from Tim Keller’s book on prayer: “Prayer is a continuing conversation that God has started through His Word and provided by His grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with Him.”

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Sermon Notes:

People everywhere have at least some difficulty knowing how to pray. We tend to default to the way we have heard others pray. Because we've heard people being "eloquent" as they pray, we think God wants us to step up our vocabulary to a higher level, so we try to learn the new spiritual dialect, but God wants to have a relationship with us as we are.


Today and this week we are going to take a look at a METHOD of prayer that became popular several years ago, called the ACTS Method. It is meant to help us guide our prayer time and bring some balance to it at the same time.


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