Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups™ are intense small groups that help people work through struggles in life.  They are short term, focused, and help people apply the gospel deeply to their lives through community.  Redemption Groups take an indepth look at the story of the Exodus, which is the story of how God delivered His people out of slavery.  It is the hope of Redemption Group ministry that you will be freed from sin, secrets, and wrong views of God, unto a greater understanding of God’s grace and your new identity in Christ.

Joining a Redemption Group™ means you are committing to a process—a process that allows the Holy Spirit to reveal His loving, active work in your life story. This process entails reading from the book Redemption by Mike Wilkerson, group teachings, and breakout sessions in small groups of men or women over the course of 9 weeks. The goal of Redemption Groups is to help participants experience the transforming love of God in life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.

Our God abounds in steadfast love toward us, and we believe this is most clearly shown to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Redemption Groups are about personally knowing and experiencing the Redeemer in His abounding love. Through understanding Christ’s heart, we are able to more accurately understand our identity, our story, and the world around us.

Redemption Groups are intended to help people work through their life issues and struggles that keep them from experiencing the love and intention of God for them. For example, these issues include suffering, hurt, abuse, addiction, and other ways we have sinned or been sinned against. Whether the pain and suffering you’ve experienced seems significant to you or not, it always matters to God our Father. We seek to explore what it means to engage with pain from a Biblical standpoint, and how it can deepen our understanding of Christ’s work. Essentially, we want participants to walk away from a Redemption Group with a deep, personal understanding of the Gospel, so that they are better equipped to live it out in the context of daily life.

Much of what we learn/discuss is based on the story of the Exodus, which tells of God’s rescue of His enslaved and suffering people. Through our study, truth is revealed so that we may walk in freedom from the lies of who God is and who we are, lies that result in sinful, broken behavior. In believing the truth, we understand that God is with us, and we rejoice in the redemption and restoration that is being unveiled to us each day.

Please prayerfully consider embarking on this journey with us.

Grace and peace to you,

Element’s Redemption Group Ministry Team
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