Classes Start July 21st, 2013

Description and Objectives: Smart people, at times, all act like dummies…why? Because people misinterpret the facts, make incorrect assumptions, and rely on false information and get disastrous consequences. This is also true within Christianity; there are some very smart Christians who believe some very stupid things. These beliefs can stem from a cultural bias or it can just be an assumption that has been believed and accepted for so long, no one seems to question it. History and Christianity are full of intelligent people who act on stupid assumptions and pay a high price. Our intent during the stupid summer is show many of these dumb assumptions as false and then move everyone into the truth…because, as Jesus said, the truth sets us free.  

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7/21 The Truth is What I Think It Is Romans 1
7/28 Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide Matthew 22
8/4 God Causes Everything Romans 12
8/11 Forgiving Means Forgetting Matthew 18
8/18 Faith Can Fix Anything Acts 17
8/25 Godly Homes Guarantee Godly Kids Exodus 18
9/1 Hard Times Mean We Are Not In God's Will Ezekiel 14
9/8 Christians Shouldn't Judge Matthew 7
9/15 I Don't Know Enough to Talk about Jesus 1 Peter 3
9/22 God's Will Is Hard to Find Isaiah 55
9/29 God Brings Good Luck Daniel 2
10/6 I'm a Good Person

Habakkuk 2

10/13 Dead People Go To A Better Place John 14


Video 1 - Good & BadFaith & BeliefsConscience & Sin